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The Reel Life Foundation

is an organisation founded in Autumn 2017 to support and promote  the distinctive musical traditions of Orkney, Scotland.


The purpose of Reel Life is in three strands that are woven together:

people, place and participation


We strive to embed Orkney cultural creativity at the heart of learning, provide people with opportunities to develop creative skills, ensure appropriate pathways for progression and leave a lasting legacy for future generations.

This ambition is at the heart of Reel Life and its’ programme. In addition to our role as teachers, we support and nurture a cohort of music tutors, as well as supporting established tutors to offer their skills and we provide a platform for nurturing and sharing the musical talent of local and visiting musicians and storytellers.

We seek innovative solutions to accessibility for the wider community, including the development of online learning. We reach out to connect with both local and hard-to-reach communities living in isolated areas or with ill health, infirmity, mental health problems and dementia.

We provide volunteer opportunities for local people to support our programme in a number of ways.  


We help to express Orkney’s unique sense of place, as a source of inspiration for artists and a creative environment to which people are attracted to live and work.

Orkney has a distinctive musical heritage, and the Reel Life provides a nurturing environment for the tradition bearers that thrive and play here; we uphold the musical traditions of Orkney and seek to expand the opportunities for our unique heritage to be shared with and passed on to new generations through teaching and performance.


We stimulate new opportunities for dialogue and debate, encourage idea generation and empower people to be creative producers; we aim to contribute to a more creative, diverse, healthy, inclusive and sustainable Orkney.

In Summary

Reel Life is a charity that supports our passion, creativity and commitment to the unique and distinctive music traditions of Orkney so that our culture and heritage thrives and connects to all age groups (including visitors). We strive to reach both local and hard-to-reach parts of the community, to act inclusively, to positively impact on community well-being and to develop a lasting legacy for future generations.



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